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FEB 1 2022

Volume 1 Issue 1


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I’ll be frank. Staying up till 4am writing about music was fun. However, it’s time for AN to grow up. More on that. 

First some history. I started altnubian to give folk like me a home. From 2016-2018 it was a collective. In 2019, the namesake became a blog. I felt a restoration of music blog culture could be both refreshing and a means to spotlight creators that aren’t generally spotlighted.

Over the past few years we’ve covered amazing artists— many of which we were the first to cover. These creators have all grown through their hard work. They’re organizers, event planners, touring performers, teachers, producers etc. Resolved, crate-digging is intrinsic to AN

I’m a lifelong Detroiter so AN will always be true to that. We’re a rapidly-changing city where developers try to paint over a rich history of black social movement & struggle. Music here now has stakeholders who are homologous to the very developers that perpetuate inequity.

In 2021, we saw AN become an expectation—not a platform of radical narrative. AN does not stand to give art residencies street-cred where they do not deserve it. I won’t say it’s not personal— it is. There are creators here who still feel left out and still feel unsure. Personal

Bcuz of this it’s imperative that I took a step back to close last year. And here’s what I decided. Altnubian must be explicitly Marxist moving forward. I understand that y’all do this for a living and I get that. But any creator/container that fosters inequity is a no.

Resolved, it’s important that we no longer focus on just music. And that what we do write is movement journalism. This decision can sound narrowing but it actually widens art narrative we can generate. Hope that’s felt moving forward. So with that being said, lets share some ways that you can get involved with Altnubian if you are interested in joining us in community narrative work. So here's what we need. 

Altnubian is asking for your help in ushering in this new era of community, restorative narrative, and mutual aid. As we launch our very first community library here on our site, we are asking for curators, writers, educators looking to house both their work and titular influences here on our site. The library will serve as a resource to all who are looking to create.

Part of what we've learned over the years is that so much in creation just simply isn'r promised. While we don't have the capacity or organizational structure to offer creators funding, we are however able to share where those resources are available and help facilitate creators' mastery of their creative skills. 

So if you are looking to create media for Altnubian--whether it be writing, video, or resources, please let us know. Poke us on Instagram and bounce ideas with us. We are happy to house the community's work here on our site at no charge. After all, none of this is about monetization. It is however about community. 


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