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6 Tik Tok Finds From the Month of March

So it's no secret that Tik Tok has become this emporium for creators of all kind to share their gifts and what they're working on. As the app continues to grow, so does it's huge influence in the day-to-day of creators, now leveraging it to promote their latest records, gigs and everything in between. Because of that, we feel it'd be pretty cool to share some of the records that we've found from comments. So with that being said, here's our top 10 Tik Tok finds for the month of March!

1. Bella Moulden- Glue

First track that we've been bumping from Tik Tok is "Glue" by Bella Moulden. The track is a gritty, garagey alternative ballad that feels like a marriage of eerie, droney indie-rock and free, messy Alabama Shakes dispositions. We love the guitar licks worked into the track as the track unfolds slowly.

2. Lofield- Just Stay

Next up is an instrumental piece by Lofield called "Just Stay". The track is a groovy jam anchored by gracious bass and additional fills on guitar and keys that crafts a mature but hopeful post-rock piece. This track has a beautiful build that absolutely blooms into a magical explosion in the track's last minute.

3. berry fayr- night bloomin

Next is an alternative R&B inspired pop track from berry fayr called "Night Bloomin" that gives us hints of Halsey, and Justine Skye. Eerie, luscious chords float throughout the mix with fayr ruminating in the foreground.

4. Mia Madden- 1-800-RUNAWAY

We really enjoy this 80s inspired dance-pop track by Mia Madden. Beautiful Saw synths stab through Talking Heads, Pretenders akin accent guitar. This track fits perfectly in that blog-era alternative sound we all kind of miss in bands like: Grouplove, Arcade Fire, and Elle Goulding.

5. Sophia Bella Cucci- From The Garden

It's only right we also include a softer track in our list, and Sophia Bella Cucci surely delivers on that in "From the Garden". The track is a slow build anchored by vocals that swim across the mix and entice ears like a siren. Knowing when to dip into spaciness but also when to snatch those effects to emphasize rawness, this track has tons to give the listener.

6. Arcana- Talk to Me

And here's another dance track that we wanted to include by Arcana, titled "Talk to Me". This track features a chill bedroom-pop kinda groove in tune with a pleasant four-on-the-floor beat.

We really enjoyed each of these tracks by these artists and wanted to share! Tik Tok is an amazing resource for artists and we'd encourage all artists share their work on their site. After all, you never know who might hear it.

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