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6ohnson Releases Video for New Single "Chromeheart"

Detroit Rapper and model 6ohnson released a video for his latest single "Chromeheart".

Shot by Tylersrealm & Etropians, the video is gothic and stylish as 6ohnson boasts over dark, trap-inspired production. Self actualization sometimes necessitates we stop showing love to people who once took our kindness for weakness-- in that realization, royal fools turn to rulers.

We see 6ohnson confined to seclusion, left to his wits and charisma as a muse cycles in between shots to exalt him. What is fostered is something both indifferent and unsettling.

This is our first time featuring 6ohnson here on Altnubian but his latest is packed with fashionable attitude that we're excited to see more of!

Check out "Chrome Heart" here!

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