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AtlCasual Releases New "Confessions EP"

Singer/Songwriter AtlCasual just dropped a new EP Confessions on all music platforms, that we've been jamming to the past few days since it dropped.

Confessions EP is a spacious, gloomy, and daring project that really expands upon the ever-growing Alternative R&B pallete with ocean-wide vocal pitching, and tasteful dissonance at clever moments. AtlCasual is unafraid to shelf percussion and other popular music frequents, instead opting for soliloquy via sound. The 6 track runtime is packed with keys and synths that hug you, like on "Flight 222" where Casual laments over a fidgety electric piano. Other highlights are stripped "Me and My Bad Brain" and tastefully bouncy "Video Games".

Altogether, Confessions is lonesome and patiently paced through a 12 minute runtime that feels like so much more in how much is worked into each track.

This is our first time featuring AtlCasual on Altnubian, but here's to hoping there's more music in the next few months for us to tap into.

Listen to Confessions EP below:

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