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Bird Murderer Explores Fall Melancholy in New Single "What We Made in College"

As the weather outside leans more to the Chilly Billy end of things, we're definitively looking for easy listening rock for those days where things seem just as dreary as it looks outside. Surely we've found an awesome couplet of songs for just that with Musician and Visual Artist Bird Murderer's new single "What We Made in College".

Patient-paced, with warm, detuned guitars, the records are melancholy and signal a change of season for both music, and for Bird Murderer.

"Creating music has always been an outlet for dealing with my experiences. When I am presented with a "real life" problem, I work it out with myself through creation.

Listen to "What We Made in College" below and listen to "Beer Night" in our Spotify Playlist: Seven Chords.

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