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Blackstarkids Save Pop Music with "Whatever Man"

Pop music has a new chosen one and it so happens to be breakout pop trio Blackstarkids-, friends united by their love for alternative music and genuine expression. Blackstarkids is back with their new album Whatever Man via rising indie-pop powerhouse Dirty Hit Records.

We spoke with TyFaizon earlier this month in a Zoomterview about the album and he said that in making this album, the group was genuinely happy. Fresh with awesome visuals and a colorful musical personality, the group takes a further step into early 2000s influences on this project. The album features homage to daytime pop radio, early 2000s alt rock riffage and an overall presence that is absolutely suited for an afternoon of classic MTV.

Blackstarkids are living proof of the constant influence of black kids in alternative pop and the waves they are making are definitely felt outside of their hometown Kansas City.

Listen to Whatever Man below and follow Altnubian on Spotify for more tunes.

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