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Bryan Hugo-Iglesias and Jacob Sigman release light-hearted pop anthem “Live Today”

We're back with more awesome indie rock this week, with a feature of Bryan Hugo- Iglesias's latest record "Live Today".

The duo’s first collaboration tackles situations that young people face while becoming an adult like noticing your parents are getting older and the ever present growth that occurs within. Written and recorded in Igesias’ home the single challenges listeners to live while they are young and make the most of the day.

Yet, they continuously remind us that things will always change and that we should live today. The song sits at a crossroads between classic rock with contemporary production, almost serving as this somewhat marriage of 80s pop rock like Billy Joel, and Paul Simon and blog era indie like Ok Go and Arcade Fire

The tune is a reminder to the listener that they should be grateful and embrace life especially during these uncertain times. That we should continue to press forward because life is short.

Check out "Live Today" below

Written by Imanni Wright & Srchengn

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