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Chinedu Onome Releases EP "Darkest Hour"

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

With his first EP "Darkest Hour..." Chinedu aims at making music that keeps people from feeling alone.

The Darkest Hour EP feels vulnerable and relatable for anyone who has been at their well, darkest hour. Over the 18 minute runtime, Chinedu pours out his heart to the tune of distorted synth basses and dramatized syllables akin to the the Cudi-hums that have become so beloved in indie hip-hop. Sometimes his vocal texture strains to the point of raspiness, something that we found super satisfying as a representation of his raw emotion. Chinedu also shows he knows his way around autotune, being sure to insert baritone vocal segments and harmonies to add to the melodic integrity of each track.

By far our favorite track is the albums closer "Always Watching..." where Chinedu boastfully bounces over mosh-distorted synths, to wrap up the project.

Listen to Darkest Hour EP below and follow Altnubian on Spotify for more indie tunes.

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