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Chloe Berry’s dreamy new single “Pocket Full Of Daisies”

New York City native and rising bedroom pop artist Chloe Berry releases her new single “Pocket Full Of Daisies” with indie label Spirit Goth Records. The song will be accompanied by a diy animated music video. Berry will also kick off her release with a live show at Bowery Electric (August 12th) that will be available for livestream as well.

Berry has said she wrote this song about a romantic relationship that is burdened by one's own insecurities and baggage. She says, “It can be hard to move on from past hurt even when you are given all the flowers in the world.” This reiterates Berry’s careful lyricism which often tackles love and mental health. Her ability to connect with listeners on a vulnerable level has heralded her music the perfect “coming of age” soundtrack.

At just 20 year old, Berry does it all. Making all her music from her bedroom with her boyfriend and producer, Spoonuel, she has a unique place and perspective in the industry. From drawing her own cover art to editing her own music videos, Berry loves the diy aspect of every project.

Just this year, she began working with indie label Spirit Goth Records and released her debut EP Blueberry Jams. Her lead track “Breakfast” landed on Spotify Editorial playlists and was a promising look into her unique work. The Wild Honey Pie wrote of the artist: “She’s a gifted songwriter and has the kind of sharp, smokey voice that can easily translate beautifully on stage. As an upcoming artist, Chloe Berry is one to definitely look out for.”

Check out the video for "Pocket Full of Daisies" here!

Listen to "Pocket Full of Daisies" here!

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