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Coastwilde is A Skyscraper of a Man on New Album "Die Bad!", A Review

photo by IG: @lexyluxe

It feels like we've been waiting for an album from Coastwilde for years now. And, it absolutely warms our privates to say that Coast has finally delivered with new album "Die Bad!".

If that little reference to our privates at all made you cringe or frown, it's safe to say you should turn back now! Cause today we're covering Coastwilde--- not the Care Bears, not Peppa Pig. We are covering raw, visceral rage, depression, sex and flagrance on Die Bad!

So where do we start? Well let's just say that this LP is what would happen if AmeriGlide came to install an elevator inside of Coast. Here the rapper is a skyscraper, packed with feelings of rage, loathing, and regret on each floor. The album starts on his bottom floor, where Coast sing-raps about the very things that perhaps could've stopped this album from existing. Singing about lack of inspiration and being sick of being tired, opening track "Burnbright" boldly enters a doorstep of cynicism. Coast proclaims that he's done his due-diligence to no avail, really setting the stage for Coast's feelings about both his status and the status of those around him.

album art, illustrated by Escada Gordon (IG: @darklord_escada)

As, we travel up the elevator in the Empire Coast Building (lol) we head up to an Olympus of sorts. We grow even closer to this almost god-ego that Coast would rather present to the audience and moments of introspection are entitled and volatile. This takes full form at the album's halfway point "Light Years", where Coast pivots away from internal reflection toward external Flex Appeal. Strong disdain for leaches and fake love shatter the windows of the building as the elevator accelerates out of control. Instead of a slow climb to the top. it feels like Coast demands a locker, couch, and a 40 oz. up there, rapping "I deserve to stand up there" on "South Side".

The air quality tends to change once you storm above ground, and that's kind of where this album ends on "York". Eerie and bodacious, Coast doesn't find peace to conclude this album. If anything he finds out who his enemies are. He's now hyper-focused on those who would wish he fall. Olympus for him is neither a moment of clarity nor serenity. Instead, Mt. Olympus is realizing that he's a skyscraper of a man---a God amongst men.

"I'm mythical, I'm lying then? - Coastwilde

Check out Die Bad! below:

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