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Detroit Native & Designer Scott West releases his Valentine’s Collection for, SecretSaturdayClub

Detroit Native and Designer Scott West recently released his Valentine's Collection for SecretSaturdayClub. The collection includes a graphic t-shirt and long sleeve shirt that read, “Till’ Death Do Us Part.”

“Art is everything to me,” West said. “With that said, I draw inspiration from everything I see and break it down to the smallest nuances to see what can be used elsewhere. It is the only thing that has felt natural to me for as long as I can remember and I like to transmute that energy into everything you see from me today.”

West said he’s been putting a lot of time into SecretSaturdayClub, but he also has more designs in the works.

“This is a never-ending journey as I continue to grow, connect, experience, and learn more about the world around me,” West said. “I have so many ideas I want you to experience with me so that’s what I see going forward; constantly designing awesome shit for people to enjoy and building a better world from that first base.”

West also owns SKYLAB CREATIVE GROUP LLC, and ScottWest. In addition, he has created customized pieces of his own logos.

West’s work can be found on Instagram at @scotty3k, @secretsaturdayclub, and @skylab_crgr and

photo by IG: @itsya.girltati

Check out SecretSaturdayClub below


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