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Family Man Xay Returns To the Mic with New EP "Shining Gundam"

It’s been quite the busy two years for producer Family Man Xay, contributing to collaborative projects like Whore, Dog of the Year and Blue Jeans. Each project occupied ample space in rap and really showed Xay's knack for worldbuilding via beat. But the one thing that we haven’t heard from Xay is him rapping— something that he’s been on sabbatical from for more than two years. All of that changes with Xay’s latest EP, Shining Gundam—-a four-track dive into larger than eerie-trap instrumentals and larger than life punchlines.

Featuring appearances from frequent collaborators: Rob Apollo, Kaio., Tilla, & Lil Emo Boy 2005, the project feels like one good recording sessions worth of records. If this project says anything, it says that Xay is back behind the mic-, which certainly gives us much to be excited about in 2021.

Check out Shining Gundam below:

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