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Frostisrad is Cultivating Punk-Angst from Detroit's West Side

The return of punk-inspired music is touching Detroit in a way that we haven't seen in some time. These new skate-song influencers fill footprints left behind by legends like Death and Iggy Pop while echoing a pop-punk landscape that is both cultured and resurgent.

As part of this wave, Frostisrad is cultivating that very same energy right in Detroit's west side along with band AVCLUB-- a punk outfit that reminds us of acts like Action/Adventure & Kenny Hoopla. Their new record and video "Sometimes I just want to be alone" has all of the angst of arrested youth while maintaining the earnest levity of 2000s MTV powerhouses like Weezer.

We're excited about having new artists on our radar, but also about this record. Check out "Sometimes I just want to be alone" below:

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