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Hadji Gaviota and Huck Team Up in Awesome New Video "Lukewarm"

Queens, New York Singer/Songwriter Hadji Gaviota and Huck just dropped a music video for their collab track "Lukewarm". Produced by Huck, who is also from New York, the track is a bedroom-pop coin with summer sunshine on one side and melancholy sunset on the other.

The video is a good time, starting with Hadji catching some surfs via green screen. As the track transitions into its more mellow half, Hadji is now immersed in the beach, lead by green dudes to confront a levitating Huck, who ironically just so happens to look a little bit like white Jesus. Yeah that actually happens and that's the best we're gonna explain it. So if you're curious, which you are because you've read this far, click that link and check it out bozo!

Check out "Lukewarm" on YouTube below!

Listen to "Lukewarm" below

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