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JSTS & Kate Ivy Team Up On New Single ">1"

So it's been a while since we last featured singer, songwriter JSTS here on Altnubian, but we're excited to share a new record ">1" from JSTS and Kate Ivy.

Sonically, the record is a bedroom/dream-pop ballad situated around drawn-out synths and dreamy bells that echoes artists like Beach House and Beeabadoobee. But more importantly, the record is an affirming light-tower for anyone who has ever felt boxed in by the concept of monogamy. An embrace of love and loving whomever you damn well please, ">1" is an important record that surely, anyone should listen to.

We've been fans of JSTS's dreamy sound for some time, but they surely have matured on this record in both production and vocal performance. If this is any indication of what their music will sound like moving forward into 2021, we're certainly excited to hear more!

Check out ">1" below

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