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Kate Ivy Builds a Beautiful Wall of Sound on new EP, Midwest Silver Lining

Metro- Detroit musician and singer Kate Ivy has released an awesome new EP Midwest Silver Lining that calls to shoegaze and indie rock for its rich wall of sound.

Packed with stacked vocals that remind us of bands like Lush and Title Fight, Ivy rocks with a three piece band kind of setup, with heavy overdriven guitars anchoring in the background and noodly leads floating in the foreground. Altogether, it's super on par with where DIY rock has been the past few years, and makes for a really great listen from the midwest.

With themes of mental health, growing up, and altogether restlessness, Midwest Silver Lining is a project that will age well along with other mood rock. This latest EP almost feels like one of those internet finds you would've discovered in a Blogspot blog or Myspace page dedicated to lost indie rock albums from the 1990s. And cause of both that and this EPs message, we're totally picking up what Kate Ivy is putting down.

Listen to Midwest Silver Lining below:

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