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Kynzi Releases New Single-Pack "Choices"

photography by Raymar

Singer-songwriter Kynzi is back with a new single pack "Choices", her first release since "Siren" in 2020. In a time-period where one's art often gets reduced to "content", releasing into the ether can be a bit intimidating. This is the very doubt that Choices aims at confronting. For Kynzi, these two new songs are a return to creative freedom.

"Choices is an audible manifestation of my divorce to perfection. My decision to permanently detach from outcome, and move forward without fear of error or repercussion. Its release in and of itself is the first demonstration of my brand new commitment to decisiveness without regard for outside opinions..and inside opinions, because after all, we are our own worst critics."

We're certainly glad to hear new music from Kynzi and are excited about this new shift for the artist. Check out Choices here:

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