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Lando Ameen Releases New EP "Gene"

Earlier this week, we shared Singer & Songwriter Lando Ameen's music video for single "Body Count". Now we're back with our thoughts on Lando's new EP Gene, a 6-tracker that features the aforementioned single.

In general, Gene is texturally moody, luscious, and narratively blunt. On tracks like "404 Freestyle" and "Body Count", Lando is physically allured but unimpressed with formality. On tracks like "404 Freestyle" and "Hold Me", Lando is conflicted and emotionally exhausted, proclaiming "run me dry, s**t I let her".

This EP is Lando with the water in his cup exhausted. Connections and romances are surely present but fleeting. Love is enticing but at what cost; Great discord exists for Ameen in these songs, and down-trodden strings and synths carry Ameen through a materially-exclusive romantic disposition.

Listen to Gene below and catch "Body Count" in our Spotify Playlist: BABY.

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