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Milfie is "Gawdly" On New EP "Milfie's Shop of Horrors"

Rapper Milfie's usual brand of sexually free gravitas shines on new EP Milfie's Shop of Horrors. Insatiable and unafraid to make a suitor's pockets hurt, Milfie is playful but also not to be taken lightly. Consistent and packed with entertainment throughout, this new project gives us some tracks we know will absolutely slap live.

"Candy" is an absolute rage-track with its ringtone-style bass stabbing through bouncy percussion as Milfie gives us yet another ghettotech-trap fusion to add to her infinity gauntlet.

"Mollywop" is literally as the title suggests, an absolute KO of amazing punchlines like "I don't find that boy attractive cause his pockets got a glitch", with Milfie making shit absolutely plain--she's the "baddest bitch your ass has ever seen".

"Did you know my shit so good he put my picture on his shirt"

It's pretty awesome experiencing new music from Milfie to cap off this year's spooky season and we totally recommend this new EP.

Check out Milfie's Shop of Horrors below and catch "Candy" in our Spotify Playlist: The Afterparty

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