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Mistress of Rap is Just That, And More on New EP "Memory Lane"

You heard it here! The Mistress of Rap, or M0r for short, is just that, and more on new Memory Lane. Sonically luscious in its chops, M0r has a soulful pallete to skate over with a sharp and seasoned pocket that cuts through the mix like a braggadocious dessert knife through red-velvet cake.

"All blacks lives matter; Are we shining when its really sunny"

Talking her shit, M0r spits about self-love and opposition, in a project that radiates masterful skills navigating a beat and sonic luxury. Tracks like "Memory Lane" are warm and endearing in M0r's reflection on private school, partners, self-embrace while tracks like "Seasons Reprise" are luscious and wide, closing the project with one last immaculate flaunt.

Check out Memory Lane below and catch Track 2 "Memory Lane" in our Spotify Playlist: How Many Mics

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