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Niko Noir Shares Debut Project, "Blame Niko", A Review

This week we're covering Blame Niko--- the first body of work from singer/songwriter Niko Noir. A 5-track alternative R&B project, Blame NIko is already shaping up to be one of the most enjoyable projects to come out of the city, kicking off a hopeful spring of music and healing. Blame Niko is 1000 hearts crashing at nevermore. Noir says nevermore to hurting, nevermore to watering flowers that wouldn't bloom, and nevermore to putting the delight of others before her own.

From exploring love that may have never been meant to be on "Jefferson Ave." to questioning where she stands with love lost on soft-dancehall closing-track "Still Good", Noir is self-aware of the imperfection that inhibits romance. The petty bullshit, the This culminates in "Error 404", where Noir struggles with "another nigga actions" and exits stage left to potential love with a partner. the retreat, and baggage.

This culminates in "Error 404", the EPs halfway point, where Noir struggles with navigating a connection with someone because of "another nigga actions" and exits stage left from potential love with that would-be partner.

The record takes cues from the contemporary value proposition of introspective R&B and reflects such in wide synth pads and clever sprinkles of keys and strings to provide movement and personal DNA to mixes.

Often creators rush a bit into their first presentation of their art, and so it's super refreshing seeing the work that was put into this body of work. This project makes us super excited about future music coming from Noir beyond this EP. But for the time being, let's give this project adequate time to breathe and let's get all of the food we need from this projects relatable message.

*Blame Niko features contributions from Armand & Cheer Captain.

Listen to Blame Niko below:

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