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Noah Shankool Releases New Bedroom-Pop Record "Inheritance"

Noah Shankool, is an Indie Artist/Producer from Kalamazoo, MI that goes by Shankool. We're premiering his new single "Inheritance". The record is a dancey bedroom pop-esque record about inherited family trauma, inspired by Shankool's family escape from Iraq and how that has affected him as a first generation American citizen.

Packed with punchy synth bass and scatterstar beefed drum programming, the record has dreamy sonics and a timely message.

This is our first time featuring Shankool on Altnubian, but we're digging this unique record and how it pushes the regional conversation of bedroom alternative forward. Here's to more music from Shankool as the year continues to unfold.

Listen to "Inheritance" below:

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