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Rob Apollo is a Masterclass in Manifestation in New Music Video "Go Kart"

Some people just seem to ooze manifestation. That's surely the case with Rob Apollo, a "find a way" artist that always seems to turn social media into reality. Such is present in Apollo's latest release "Go Kart", a cheery pop-rap record that embodies Apollo's knack for the most of personable-flex of all---love the skin your in!

Much like Apollo, the record is manifestation. Equally fun and fourth-wall breaking, "Go kart" shows us what good times are for Apollo---buying a go kart and riding it with friends. And sometimes the work you put into your art and the people that support you can be an absolutely dynamic narrative. Cause of course the go-kart paraded in the video may not actually be "push to start" like Apollo raps; but perhaps Apollo's destiny is. And Apollo is surely revving things up with music that brightens up what for many has been a hellish year.

Check out the music video for "Go Kart" and subscribe to Altnubian on YouTube for our music video playlist.

Listen to "Go Kart" below and follow Altnubian on Spotify for more tunes.

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