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St. Louis Solidarity is, Poetic, and Timely on Subvert Labs Vol. 1

Much like many major black cities in America, St. Louis is home of heated racial history and still existing barriers of white supremacy. However, luckily St. Louis is also home of a powerful artisitsc response with collective FarFetched, Smoke Signal Studios, and CTWO-- a community organizing training org, all teaming up on new project Subvert, Vol 1.

A two-year production and curation project by Emmy award-winning creator Damon Davis, the project is both eclectic and compelling as it addresses race, activism, and navigating all of these spaces. This project is a dedication to the very people in the movement and is so filled with soul and valuable voices and we totally hear St. Louis all the way from Detroit-- a region facing many of the same struggle.

Listen to Subvert, Vol 1 below and follow Altnubian on Spotify for more tracks and playlists.

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