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Reacting to Supercoolwicked's Premiere of New Music Video for "Juliet"

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Songstress and Innovator Supercoolwicked just premiered her new music video for "Juliet" on YouTube, and we're literally responding like 4 minutes after watching it for the first 2 times. And WOW, this video is an exploration of blackness, Shakespeare, design, and everything that makes Supercoolwicked such a powerhouse and ambassador for everything Detroit.

"Juliet" was track 2 of the Assemble Sound collaboration mixtape Soil to Sky and we've been keeping our eyes out for the video ever since Supercoolwicked shared that it was coming.

If you're reading this and not watching the video, you're backwards as FUCK. Go watch the video. Like today. Like NOW.

Listen to "Juliet" below:

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