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Swoozydolphin Paints an Interstellar Soundscape on New Album "Raps"

Swoozydolphin has finally shared new album Raps-- an ambitious production project that taps some of Detroit's finest for a 15 track lightspeed journey into hyper-space.

Intergalactic, in its often arpeggiated, pulsating synths, the product picks up where SWZ Disco (Swoozy's last collaboration project) left off, topping off wide synth textures with liberal vocal processing, and busy auto-crooned overtures.

The project features appearances from: Supercoolwicked, E3, KOROD, Ziggy Waters, Caz Aglets, and fellow Captwolf collaborators Young Sui and Groovy Armani.

Check out Raps here and listen to "SUIv3_S20-154" in our Spotify Playlist: The Afterparty.

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