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TATO, A Stylist with a Passion for Poshion--Posh Fashion

Photo by Xavier Cuevas (IG: @barelyhispanic)

We certainly keep our eyes out for exciting looks for our Lookbook, and have thoroughly enjoyed the growing buzz of Tato-- a stylist and creative director that has shared promising visual projects as of late.

From our estimation, Tato's work explores vibrant color-theory, while empowering womanhood, and inserting opulence into reality. These stylings are obtainable, but exclusive to Tato's eye. All pieces are curated by Tato, with logistical contributions from some of Metro-Detroit's brightest models, editors, and photographers. With popping colors and wise edits, each project comes off as patiently crafted.

Photos by Xavier Cuevas (IG: @barelyhispanic), & Raymar (IG: @anthonyraymar_)

If you're looking for that next visual idea to pop, do yourself a favor and add Tato to your shortlist; Or at least keep an eye out. We figure there's much more to come.

Follow Tato on Instagram for more looks:

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