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Terri Shu Shares First Single and Music Video "Every Time."

Its here! So if you've paid at least the slightest bit of attention to Detroit's live-music scene, you've likely seen or heard of Terri Shu. A singer with a velvety contralto kind of sound put to life over jazz R&B jams, Terri's first musical release has been long awaited.

With her new record and music video, Terri is romantically frustrated and moseying through her loft in hopes that her complicated love will acknowledge the space she's in. The song is a relaxed groove of jazzy keys and plucky synth bass that functions almost like a contemporary progression of Diamond Life.

We're featuring Terri Shu here on the site for the first time, but we're already super interested in the sound Terri's painting here and want to see it grow, with future live shows in mind. We know we'd love hearing this record live for sure.

Check out "Every Time." on YouTube, shot by Dennis London

Listen to "Every Time." below

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