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We Talk to Glorychile About New Short Film "Going Steady"

We got a chance the other evening to talk to Singer, Producer, and Director Glorychile, on latest project Going Steady. The project is a visual EP, released on IGTV and Youtube via 610 Filmworks.

Musically, we're really enjoying this project, and the soundscape it builds with spacious, beautiful sounds and musing vocals. Visually, Going Steady is tranquil, methodical with light, and narratively bittersweet. Overall, it's a project we're strongly recommending for this Friday.

But here's what Glorychile had to say about this creative milestone:

Srch: So I guess we can start by introducing ourselves. I'm srchengn, a musician and blogger from Detroit. What's your story?

Glorychile: So my name is Miyah, but my artist name is Glorychile, I started putting out music last year with my first song “Gimme Kiss” last November. Oh and I'm also a painter, and I'm from Cleveland.

Srch: So what were kind of your baby steps into creating, and writing music? How'd you get started?

Glorychile: So I used to do cover songs a lot. I was in a pretty bad space in 2017 and the only way to do something about it was honestly just making music in Bandlab, where I started producing on my phone.

Srch: Thanks for sharing. I hear so more often now that people are starting on their phones, and I think of the video of Steve Lacy doing it.

Glorychile: Yeah, I actually saw that video a long while ago where he was talking about producing Dark Red from his iPhone. And I kind of said, well if he can do it...

Srch: What's the method behind your sound? What all goes into creating that kinda spacious sound you have on records on this project?

Glorychile: The sound! I’m experimental, I like airy sounds, soothing music. Everybody likes turnt shit but sometimes you want soft beautiful melodic music. As for some influences, I really love Kilo Kish, and this artist Joy from the UK. Very powerful, eerie. Piano. And of course Frank Ocean and James Blake.

Srch: So I saw that you exclusively produced this entire project. First, congrats, you have a great body of work. Secondly, how do you approach production and what comes first in your process?

Glorychile: Honestly, the first time I ever got into the studio was last year. Cause I was using Bandlab when I first started off. So most of what I do is really up to me. Cause honestly, when I’m feeling some kinda way and need to get it out, that's when I create. Instant feeling.

About Going Steady

Srch: So let's talk about Going Steady, What do you have to say about this project and why a short film for this work?

Glorychile: I was looking for a name for my first EP for a very long time and everything I wrote down just didn't stick. But I remember, I was thinking about how I like that old romantic style of “oh we’re going steady” and really found the name from that. The synopsis of the short film, without spoiling too much is really me being alone and then waking up somewhere. And it ends up being a dream and I’m no longer alone and I'm sharing this beautiful time with this person, and then wake up; Dreams over and you’re still alone. I kind of wanted to show this feeling of never falling out of love.

Srch: Wow that's interesting! And honestly relatable. So how'd you connect with 620 films and the other creators that worked on this film?

Glorychile: Santino, was like a mentor to me but he's also a wonderful videographer. We were recording a video for “No Better Blues” but we were like "there's so much more to my music than just this". I was in control of the creative process, with Santino directing me and we spent like two days storyboarding and then went for it. It was so spontaneous. Usually when I do things without thinking about them, they become my best things.

Srch: So what do you want us to leave with after seeing this short film? There's a great commonly said quote that film is a conversation with the audience. What's your conversation?

Glorychile: I want them to walk away with hope. When people watch this film, I want them to feel me. This is how I feel, and how I’ve been feeling. We get lonely, and it's okay to be alone sometimes.

Bonus Questions

Srch: Is there a music scene down in Cleveland? What’s it like? All I can ever think about from Ohio is like pop-punk and hard-rock bands.

Glorychile: I think like Machine Gun Kelly is the first in like 15 years to get a number 1 from Cleveland. So yeah... There's an art scene but it's very cliquey. That's what I appreciate about Detroit. There's so many artists that support eachother.

Srch: What do you think creators need right now?

Glorychile: Take advantage of this time that we have! Even though I hated the idea of being stuck in the house, this has been one of the most transformative stages of my life because I didn't feel rushed and could really reflect. It creates the space where intimacy is foreal. When people are like preforming virtually, the people aren't forced to be there; they're there cause they wanna be.

Srch: What are you listening to rn?

Glorychile: Miley Cyrus, she's transforming into rock and I love It

Kaash Paige- "London"

Flying Lotus

070 Shake- her music videos are great!

Srch: What are you watching?

Glorychile: Probably mostly, serial killer documentaries.(laughs) They're just so interesting.

Srch: Thanks for chopping it up.

Glorychile: Of course, Thank you

Check out Going Steady on IGTV

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