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Ximone Releases New Acoustic Track "West Coast Love"

Singer, Songwriter, and altogether Get Shit Doner Ximone has released a new single "West Coast Love" exclusively to her website. The record is an acoustic R&B/Soul record, over a soft and steady guitar, where vocals that crash like ocean waves.

In the record Ximone romanticizes the emotional rollercoaster of a toxic past lover, all the while maintaining this metaphor of the west coast as this coveted escape from everything happening in her life with love. Eventually the song confronts that idea, realizing that all the grass that seems greener out west is already in front of her.

We love that whenever Ximone shares a record, the music always speaks volumes, with metaphor as more than just a tool--- actually serving as a lens for us to see ourselves in Ximone's journey. We acknowledge that this song is not yet on any streaming platforms, but we're strongly advocating that you visit her site and pay what you can for this record.

Check out "West Coast Love" below:

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