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Zilched Releases Video for Single "Velcro Dog"

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Zilched, led by front-lady Chloë Drallos is back! Fresh with a new track from upcoming Zilched project DOOMPOP, expected October 23rd of this year, just right before spooky season, Zilched's home-label Young Heavy Souls shares a home-made lyric video to capitalize on the boom in introverted music videos that are sweeping music across the country.

This new track gives us hints of noise-rock akin to Sonic Youth and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs while having that perfect kind of driving bassline that made so many Pretenders and Blondie songs work in the 80s. The guitars are messy but intentional with Chloë commanding attention with eerie poetics.

Refraining to "sick of this song, sick of this view" the song provides an introverted anthem for the arrested.


Watch "Velcro Dog" below and subscribe to Altnubian on YouTube for more music.

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