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kamau jawara
kamau jawara
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Altnubian is an independent blog and continous converation dedicated to showcasing the stories of grassroots movements and initiatives right here in Detroit.


kamau jawara
community organizer / multidisciplinary artist

Kamau is a politocultural organizer from Detroit’s east side with passions for community and storytelling. Kamau uses political education & cultural strategy to support concentrations of Energy Justice, Leadership Development, & Co-Governance. In order to build SEMIsaic, our unified dream of organized residents of Southeast Michigan, we must be persistently curious and care for each other. That is to say, movement must start with developing the power & solidarity of black Detroiters.


Hailing from Detroit's eastside, Kamau Jawara is the lovechild of eras both digital and analog. Through nostalgia and maximalism, Srch Engn gives melody to socio-cultural experiences proximal to black people. ​With 2020 album "Afterparty At Yo Momma's House", Engn cemented himself as both one of the most eclectic but also most earnest musicians coming out of Detroit. The project sparked retrofunkasonic discussions about desire, self-image, and sexy aliens that like funk music all to the tune of alternative hip-hop and R&B.  At the heart of the project, much like its creative ancestors, is the love for a daring story. ​This passion for storytelling branches into Engn's other exploits as both the editor of independent music blog Altnubian and his work as a community organizer, working to mobilize polito-cultural community spaces in Detroit.  After what has largely been a two-year rest to live a little bit of life, Srch is back and as vulnerable as ever with new album "BOY"

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